Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hernandez & Britt Join América's Team

By Al Giordano


Just a quick update to let all our fans know the good news that The Narcos have picked up Patriot TE Aaron Hernandez (the team now has two Aarons!) on waivers (dropping Jared Cook, for now) and that in a trade with the 100 Bucks o Luck team we acquired Titan WR Kenny Britt in exchange for RB Fred Jackson.

Also picked up off the waiver wire (due to strong Week One matchup): Cardinal defensive back Kerry Rhodes.

This makes our Week One starter line up:

QB Aaron Rodgers
RB DeAngelo Williams, Felix Jones, Tim Hightower (flex)
WR Andre Johnson, Mario Manningham, Kenny Britt
TE Aaron Hernandez
DEF NY Giants
LB Patrick Willis
DL Trent Cole
DB Kerry Rhodes

Projected points: 138.7
Projected points for our Week One rival, Viva Tarvaris: 124.3

Our QB is in tonight's season opener (as are two of our reserve RBs... We're eager to see how Ingram and Starks do this opening week and how the RB pecking order sorts out on those teams). May the opening game be a high scoring game.

The long (contract dispute addled) wait is about to be over. Let the NFL and Authentic League seasons begin!

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